Now the doorway I’m working on isn’t special. In fact, you might have a similar setup in your house.

But the bathroom is old, real old…like 1890s old.

So nothing is square or plumb.

The door is between the bathtub on the left and a small 8 inch wall on the right.

Bathroom Doorway

It’s super tempting to cut two pieces of drywall and slap them on the framing.

That would be a BIG mistake though because a crack would form over time right where the two pieces meet.

My first measurement was at the top of the door. I grabbed the dimension from the wall to the top left corner of the doorway.

Top of Doorway

Then did the same thing at the ceiling and the bottom of the doorway.

Bottom of Door


Like I said, nothing is plumb in this bathroom. So it was best to get these three measurements to ensure the new drywall would fit properly.

And as you’ll see in the video, my bottom measurement for the drywall was 32 3/4″ wide. The top measurement was 33″ wide.

So, it’s always good to get multiple measurements.

By the way, the total height of this drywall piece was 94 3/4″ but I took off 1/2″ so there’d be a 1/2″ gap between the drywall and subfloor.

This drywall will also butt against the waterproofing panels in the bathtub. I’m using KERDI-BOARD because well, it’s pretty awesome.

Both the KERDI-BOARD and drywall are 1/2” thick, which makes for a nice transition.

But the tricky part in this setup is making the drywall run plumb with the doorway.

Having all these dimensions will help immensely when cutting the drywall.