American Standard toilets are super easy to install.

Replacing a toilet is a good skill to learn because it’ll save you at least $200.

Plus, you’ll see tips to prevent every homeowner’s worst fear:

NASTY toilet water leaks!!!!!!

I’ve seen this happen and it gives me the willies every time.

Fortunately replacing a toilet isn’t hard and anybody can do it.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or experienced one I promise you’ll get great tips today.

We’ll be installing American Standard’s VorMax because it has new technology that cleans the bowl every time it’s flushed.


The VorMax’s cleaning technology made it a no brainer for this rental.

You and I both know that cleaning a toilet is easy but often a forgotten art. And if simply flushing the toilet helps keep it looking good…that’s awesome.

American Standard sent me the VorMax to test but I’ve been using their toilets for years. When I find great products I love sharing them with you. That way you can have the same great experience as me.

Here’s your supply list

That’s not a bad supply list.

You’ll see that most of what you need actually comes with the toilet…well at least in this example.

How should you start the process of swapping out an old toilet for a new one?


How to Choose a New Toilet

What are some things you should consider when shopping for a new toilet

  • Rough-in
  • Height
  • Shape
  • Color
  • New Technologies

The rough-in is the measurement from your existing closet flange bolts to the wall (not the baseboard).


This dimension is typically 12 inches but double check and save yourself a Homer Simpson ‘Dolt’ moment.

Next, I know this sounds weird but I’m gonna say it anyway:

sit on the toilet at the store before you buy it.

This ensures the toilet feels comfortable before you install it.

The VorMax in today’s tutorial is 30 13/16 inches high.


The last thing you want is for the toilet to be uncomfortable when using it.

Thirdly, toilet shape can affect the feel of your bathroom. If your space is limited you might want a round toilet bowl. But if you have a larger bathroom the elongated style could be better.

I wanted a round bowl for the bathroom in today’s video. But frankly having a toilet bowl that helps clean itself trumped the shape thing. You’ll see that the elongated label is on the VorMax box.


My fourth tip is to pick a toilet color that matches your room’s decor. I chose white because it’s a classic look and won’t go out of style any time soon. Plus, white matches the other items in the bathroom.


Finally, toilets these days have a lot of bells and whistles. The VorMax, in addition to cleaning itself on every flush, has EverClean technology and a Slow Close seat.


The EverClean coating helps inhibit the growth of stain/odor-causing bacteria, mold & mildew. This is great for anyone who hates cleaning toilets (it’s not my favorite pastime),

Okay, now that you have the toilet picked out what’s the next step??


Inspect Your Toilet’s Closet Flange

Twelve years ago my wife and I bought our first rental property. It’s a cozy house that we picked up for $17,000. Hey what can I say, Pittsburgh has affordable homes.

cozy house

The folks we hired to remodel the bathroom weren’t exactly great contractors. And as a result we ended up having several issues.

One of which was a toilet leak down into the dining room.


But the good news was our plumber Charlie fixed it and we never saw a leak from then on!!

What tips did Charlie share?

The biggest culprit when it comes to toilet bowl leaks is the closet flange.


The flange should be at least even with the finished floor. It’s preferable to have the flange resting on top of the tile. But what if you can’t move the flange?

No problem.

Check out my tutorial on how to repair a toilet flange and you’ll see how to solve this issue for under $30.

Once the toilet flange is good to go you can start the toilet installation.